About us

Our Vision-

Valo.com.bd is built around the idea that all Bangladeshi should be able to access high quality products at affordable prices and be given the opportunity to upgrade their lifestyle. To that end, we want empower thousands of Bangladeshi by giving access to a large assortment of highly affordable products, delivered to the convenience of their doorsteps.

We think investment in the technology and infrastructure that powers this ecosystem for Bangladesh will transform the lives of a billion people dramatically over the next decade. They will be able to save more on groceries, discover wonderful new products and spend meaningful time with their families, while valo.com.bd takes care of their everyday essential needs.

We know it’s an audacious goal, and are confident that we will meet this challenge. If this seems exciting to you, join us!


Who We Are-

Valo.com.bd is Bangladeshi leading e-commerce that provides Business to Customer (B2C) Business to Business (B2B), and customer-to-customer sales services via its web portal www.valo.com.bd.

The name Valo.com.bd itself reflects that we prioritize quality over prices. Our goal is to meet the needs, wants and aspirations of our customers. We are here to serve the best quality products at your doorstep at the best prices.

Valo.com.bd based on 4 policies-


Vigilant in maintaining quality

Ardent for invention

Loyal to the customers

Optimist in visions


What We Do-

Valo.com.bd is a complete package of your everyday needs. We are here with a view to projecting the exact scenario of our country's farmers, our cottage industry, and our tradition to the earth as well as our home country.

Valo.com.bd is a combination of tradition and modernity. We deliver fresh veggies & fruits from farmers and also take care of your skin. Yes, we know you love traveling and you have to study as well. Your hobby may be gardening, reading or traveling it’s just one click away. You can make happy your loved ones and take care of elderly members of your family. And all we do is just care for you.


Our Workplace-

Valo.com.bd is a team of amazingly talented and passionate people who are working hard so that the customers could get the best quality products at the best prices.

The team reflects different backgrounds, ideas and perspectives which are always customer-oriented. We value every thinking of our team members regardless of gender, race, age, culture, education, and professional & life experience.